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    Ottawa pest removal is one of the leading companies in Ottawa area, Ottawa pest removal has team well-trained specialists of pest extermination process. As every property needs a different pest control approach, our specialists design a special program for each property whether it is commercial or residential. Here we have listed some quick facts from which you can identify Rats infestation in your property.

    How To Identify Rats?


    Rat has a stocky body weighing 195 to 490 grams. It is covered in coarse body hair and is reddish to grayish brown with buff-white underparts. It has a blunt nose and its scaly tail is smaller than the head and body combined. The two rat species have different and distinct features.

     Rat Habitat

    Rats are a pest that is found year round. They often live outdoors and then move inside when cool weather approaches. Rats nest in any safe location where food and water are available such as under Garbage, between walls or between floors. Outdoors, they will burrow into the ground. They can cause damage to wooden structures and electrical wires.

    Hence, Rat control is highly recommended.

     Preparation Steps for Rat Treatment

    1. Remove any food source and plug up any holes or openings where rats may enter the home.

    2. If the rats are in the cupboards or closets, these areas should be cleared out so that control methods can be exercised.

    3. Have children and pets out of the area when the treatment is being done.

    4. If rodenticide bait is used, it is placed In locked stations that are secured to the floor surface in areas that are reachable to children. The bait stations should not be moved or touched.

    5. Ottawa Pest Removal representative will return after  4 weeks of the extermination has been completed to remove all baits and traps. This should be scheduled at the time of service.

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