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  • Rabbits

  • Eastern cottontail rabbits are a native species to Canada and are one of the few wild animals that are known to “play” with other members of their species. Rabbits are also incredibly fast, and are able to reach speeds of 60 to 75 kilometers per hour. This speed is a necessity for eastern cottontails since they have numerous predators and few natural defense mechanisms.

    The breeding season for eastern cottontails begins in February and may not end until September. The mother lines the nest with grass and her fur to keep the young warm and covered. She only returns to the nest one to two times a day to feed her young, usually first thing in the morning or during the night. The mother tries to stay away from the nest as much as possible so she does not attract predators to her vulnerable young. The young become independent very quickly compared to other mammals, and within four to five weeks they have matured and have left the nest.

    Source: Ottawa Humane Society