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  • Foxes, Coyotes

  • What do I need to know about foxes?

    Foxes are close relatives of coyotes, wolves, and domestic dogs, but they are often called the “catlike canines.” Red foxes avoid coyotes, but may coexist in the same area, competing with them for food sources and often using shore and stream habitat between coyote territories. Foxes are mainly nocturnal, but it’s not unusual to see them hunting at dawn or dusk, or even during the day.

    People are sometimes surprised to learn that foxes live in their neighborhoods, but there’s almost never any cause for concern. Foxes are not dangerous to humans, except when rabid, and fox rabies are rare in most places.

    Source: The Ottawa Humane Society

    What do I need to know about coyotes?

    Coyotes have adjusted to living near towns and farms and occasionally within cities. The coyote adapts its diet to available food sources like rodents, other small mammals, fruits, grasses, vegetables and even trash. Unfortunately, coyotes are increasingly responsible for livestock kill when easy prey is in reach such as sheep or a newborn calf.